Helicopter Investor Town Hall - July 20, 2023: REPLAY

Helicopter Investor Town Hall - July 20, 2023: REPLAY

07/03/2023 Events

 Helicopter Investor Town Hall hosted by Aero Asset

Find out what is going on in the helicopter market. Featuring speakers from around the world, Helicopter Investor Town Hall are follow-up events from the London Conferences.

Join us to hear the latest insights from a range of expert speakers across industry.

July 20th 2023, 3PM UTC: Helicopteros no Brasil – A Perspectiva Local (Helicopters in Brazil – The Local Perspective)

This Town Hall episode is going to be a special episode which is livestreamed in Portuguese. However, we will be providing an English summary of the Town Hall after the livestream.

Speakers include:
  • Francisco Camoes, Sr. Sales Director, Aero Asset
  • Valerie Pereira, VP Market Research, Aero Asset
  • Christian Gras, Head of Global Sales AW09, Kopter Group
  • Giuseppe Mignoli, Regional Sales Director, Leonardo
  • Marcelo Madruga, Commercial Director, HBR Aviacao
  • Eduardo Pina, Commercial Manager, HBR Aviacao
  • Diego Medeiros, CEO, Helipark
  • Edson Pedroso, General Manager, Helicidade
  • Thales Pereira, President, Abraphe
  • Junia Hermont, COO, Lider Aviacao