2023</span> Airbus <span>H125

2023 Airbus H125

S/N: 9419 | T7-KHS

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Safran Arriel 2D

# S/N TSN  
1 53935 7:46  


  • Under Warranty
  • VFR Day/Night w/ Garmin G500H TXi
  • Air Conditioning
  • Enhanced Engine Air Particle Separator
  • Cargo Swing - Fixed Parts

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  • The helicopter in the definition, presented hereafter, meets the certifi- cation standards for day and night VFR operations, set by the following airworthiness authorities: EASA, FAA, TCCA, ANAC, CAAC, FATA This list is not restrictive and the status of approval by other airworthiness authorities must be checked. Additional equipment item may be required by the relevant operational or certification regulation (most of them are available in catalogue). H125 is the commercial name of the model referred to as AS350 B3 in the Type Certificate.


  • The H125® is certified with a pilot being on the right side
  • The baseline aircraft is delivered with right side controls and capabilities for the removable dual controls (LH controls are optional)
  • Fuselage comprising the cabin and 3 luggage holds, with floor tie-down nets and access doors
  • Tail boom with stabilizer, anti-torque rotor and fin with tail skid
  • High skid landing gear with long footsteps (on right side and on left side}, capable of taking handling wheels
  • Lifting points
  • Mooring fixtures
  • Structural reinforcements for cable cutter system
  • Structural reinforcements for RH external mirrors
  • Single color exterior painting
  • Internal paint: grey (prevailing colour)
  • Interior signs and markings: available in either French or English


  • Cabin floor in light-alloy sheet-metal with tie-down rings
  • 2 pilot and copilot high-back energy-absorbing seats, adjustable in reach, removable, complete with cushions, safety belts and shoulder harnesses
  • 2 two-position rear bench-seats, foldable separately, complete with cushions, safety belts and shoulder harnesses
  • 2 pilot and copilot jellisonable doors each filled with a sliding window and with improved side-visibility window
    - 1 RH large front door
    - 1 LH front door
  • Hinged rear right door-extension for passengers and cargo
  • 1 rear left sliding door
  • Locks on every access to cabin and luggage
  • compartments Lock on fuel cap
  • 2 tinted upper panes
  • 1 ceiling housing the ventilation ducts and controls (ventilation controls, rotor brake and fuel cut-off)
  • Cabin heating
  • Demisting system for front windscreens
  • Ram air ventilation duct
  • Fixed parts for pilot and copilot windshield wipers
  • 1 pilot document holder 1 fire-extinguisher
  • 1 Flight Manual: available in either French or English
  • Interior harmony according to definition in force


  • 1 Integrated Flight Display: Primary Flight Display/ Navigation Display (PFD/ND):
    - Primary flight data display: airspeed, vertical speed, attitude, altitude, T&B, HSI with VOR
    - Navigation Display
    - Nav data, flight plan
    - high resolution helicopter dedicated terrain & obstacle database
  • 1 LCD dual RPM tachometer (rotor and free turbine)
  • 1 warning panel
  • 1 healed pilot head
  • 1 external side slip indicator
  • 1 control box for light and electrical generation
  • 1 ICS connection to audio warning issued from VEMD®
  • 1 cockpit imaging and flight data monitoring device
  • Standby instruments:
    - 1 Electronic Standby Instrument (ES/)
    - 1 magnetic compass Wireless Airborne Communication System (wACS) 1 LCD Dual screen Vehicle and Engine Multifunction Display (VEMD) providing the following information:
    - First Limit Indicator (FLI)
    • torquemeter
    • exhaust gas temperature (TOT)
    • gas generator tachometer (N1)
    - Engine oil temperature/pressure
    - Fuel quantity
    - Fuel flow and estimated remaining lime to fly
    - Ammeter, voltmeter and battery temperature
    - Outside Air Temperature (OAT)
    • Enhanced usage monitoring functions
    • /GE/OGE performance calculations
    • engine cycle counting
    • engine power check
    • overlimit display
    - VEMD and peripheral maintenance information
    - Data downloading capability (software and connection wire as option)


  • 1 Emergency Locator Transmitter
  • 1 ICS + passenger interphone
  • 1 transponder (mode S - ADSB-out)
  • 1 avionics master switch


  • 1 ARRIEL 20 turbine engine complete with starting, fuel supply and dual channel digital engine control system (FADEC) with back-up control system that automatically controls the engine in case of a total failure of the 2 digital channels of the FADEC
  • Full available engine power of ARRIEL 2D
  • 1 Crash Resistant Fuel System including 1 tank of 540 litres (143 US gal) total capacity
  • 1 twist grip on pilot side (for engine reduction in case of tail rotor failure and autorotation training)
  • 1 magnetic plug and 1 chip detector
  • 1 engine lubrication and oil cooling system
  • 1 fire detection system
  • 1 air-intake protective grids
  • 1 torque-measurement pick-up


  • 1 main gearbox, anti-vibration mounted, with oil sight gauge, chip detector, oil temperature and pressure switches, port for endoscope and self-sealing valve for oil sampling and draining
  • 1 main gearbox oil cooling system
  • 1 engine to main gearbox coupling shaft
  • 1 rotor brake
  • 1 main rotor r.p.m. sensor and high and low r.p.m. warning device
  • 1 tail drive carried by five anti-friction bearings
  • 1 tail gearbox with oil sight gauge, chip detector and port for endoscopic inspection


  • 1 main rotor with 3 composite-material blades around a Starflex® head fitted with spherical thrust bearings
  • 1 anti-torque rotor with 2 composite-material blades
  • 3 main rotor hydraulic servo units
  • 1 tail rotor hydraulic servo unit and load compensation systems


  • One 150 A, 28 V DC starter-generator
  • One 28 V DC cabin power outlet
  • One 15 A.h cadmium-nickel battery
  • 1 ground power receptacle
  • 3 position lights (LED)
  • 1 flashing anti-collision light (LED)
  • 2 fixed landing lights
  • 2 adjustable emergency/reading map lights for crew
  • 2 adjustable reading lights for passengers
  • 1 integrated instrument-panel lighting system
  • 1 integrated lighting in central console
  • 2 cockpit breaker panels
  • 1 USB charging dual-outlet (instrument panel)


  • 1 port plug (pilot)
  • 2 static port stoppers
  • 1 engine air-intake blanking cover
  • 1 exhaust pipe blank
  • 2 hydraulic ground handling wheels
  • 1 cargo net and rope
  • 2 upper mooring rings
  • 3 main-blade socks and pole
  • 1 tail rotor locking device
  • 1 lifting ring
  • 1 document holder
  • 1 airborne kit stowage bag


  • Basic aircraft components H125 Baseline Aircraft ref. H125 Baseline Aircraft 125 B3
  • 23.100.02 E including: Integrated Flight Display
  • Vehicle and Engine Management Display (VEMD)
  • Caution and Warning Panel
  • Stop watch
  • Cockpit camera


  • VFR day and night package with Integrated Flight Display Garmin G500H TXi, included in baseline definition:
    - Avionic display system Garmin G500H TXi
    - VHF/VOR/LOC/GS - Garmin GNC 255A
    - VHF/VOR/LOC/GS/GPS - Garmin GTN 650H
    - Transponder (mode S) - Garmin GTX 335R - ADS-B out
    - Intercom system (ICS) - Garmin GMA 350H
    - Emergency locator transmitter - Kannad INTEGRA AP-H
  • ICS installation compatible with Bose headset
  • Bose headset (Qty 2)
  • Radio altimeter Thales AHV16, remote controlled Hourmeter
  • VEMD data download kit


  • First aid kit
  • Quick release magnetic plug on the MGB conical housing, instead of standard electrical magnetic plug
  • Engine flushing device without removal of cowlings
  • Enhanced Engine Air Particle Separator
  • Enhanced thermal protection on rear transmission for engine MTOP extension to 30 minutes
  • Tinted window for standard and optional door configuration
  • Dual controls
  • Pilot's windshield wiper
  • Copilot's windshield wiper
  • Bulged window on right rear door
  • Bulged window on left rear door
  • Air conditioning system
  • Hydraulic ground power receptacle
  • Short protective skid shoes
  • LH landing light (swivelling in elevation and azimuth)
  • Cable cutter system
  • High visibility paint scheme on main rotor blades (white, red or yellow strips) (extrados)
  • Tail rotor arch
  • High visibility paint scheme on main rotor blades (lntrados)
  • Reinforced sand-erosion protection strip on main rotor blades
  • Reinforced sand-erosion protection strip on tail rotor blades
  • Heavy duty blade pins
  • Bulged window on copilot front door (LH side)
  • 2nd battery kit
  • Starter-generator Skurka 200A, instead of Skurka 150A in baseline
  • RH side electric and de-iced external mirror - Fixed Parts
  • RH side electric and de-iced external mirror - Removable Parts
  • ACH Line exterior painting
  • Cargo swing - Onboard - Fixed Parts (reference 06-27056-00-FP)
  • Lightweight Data Recorder (LOR)
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